The fraudulence of life begins at birth.

Life is so amazing in the beginning as a human no clothes no worries no responsibilities just you and this bright ass light from the vaginal cavity then after you make it through this gapping sticky stinky hole you see this thing called a hand and from then on the fraudulence escalates on a max level this guy pulls you from the only thing that has ever kept you safe (unless your parent was a selfish ass prick who done drugs and drank during pregnancy) but anywho for the most part safe in the terms of this world being internally and externally fucked and after the break and stress that you have gained from this extraterrestrial dragging you from the comfort of your womb-room and slapping the rest of the, I might give this world a chance right out your soul and from then on you as a few hour creations have gained the fuckery called BIRTH.

Kenyatta (Marie) Morris

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