All things came from GOD Woman? EVE WAS A BLACK WOMEN

I can not believe the amount of Black Women that did not know that we as (BLACK WOMEN) are the only beings that can create ALL races on this PLANET … and yes i mean specifically this planet within this universe within this mathematical system specifically made and rewritten by a specific group of people to erase all of the other to put themselves in a higher creation status (in my opinion who the creator liked the best) in life and in history forever as we know it and YES THE ONLY ONES (THE EVE GENE) no comparison and yes i am a proud black young intelligent women and i am not only amazed at how many Blacks does not know but i do not have any memory of it being in any of my history books i learned this some years back in college from one of my white friends BRUHHHHH BLACK PEOPLE HAVE TO BO BETTER AND GROW and teach our children but anywho just a few specifications and also but a smart ass I will not apologize to any other race for being proud of my race and the capabilities that GOD gave me because he or she whatever you choose to believe i know i believe what i believe and i said what i said and i mean what i mean so hopefully you guys and gales do the research for yourself because i already done mine lol yall really thought i was gonna give yall facts on something that’s been known and just been a secret for some reason or another but im 30 i learned this when i was 21 years old continue to pass on the knowledge because stupid is very contagious these days 2021

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