My 15min Break in Class!!

I have come to the conclusion that Adulting isn’t for me I hate bills, my Crotch Goblins work my last nerve, work is at home so I never leave, school is also home, and my partner for some reason seems to be the smartest dumb person I know. Yet my environment has improved by far I have come to the realization that I have to stop and take a deep breath often even while writing this I am stopping to catch myself breathing now some might say Marie what’s wrong with breathing it’s a-lot wrong with it when its no longer the breath as you sit to rest but the breath to not lose that last bit of mind you have left that last breath to not strangle whoever it is in the moment that breath that saves my life but everybody else too because even though I recognize the breath difference I bet nobody else will see till it turns into a bomb to blow everything loose in this bitch I mean a mushroom boom in this bitch because I cater to everything and forget myself yet I keep hearing everybody say I’m tired DAMN LET ME TAKE A BREATH.

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