The work don’t stop!!!!

I have been working on myself for about 4 strong years now I mean no matter what comes my way I have picked myself back up in I’m not gonna lie to you surprising myself how fast I put healing into place I use to sit and wallow in my sad moments but I have learned a better way

I get up after talking to myself for a bit getting all of those negative thoughts out into the air (yes I talk to myself often if you been on the page you know that for anybody new yes I’m a little weird… but peep this I listen to something Positive A sermon A Few good songs some to make me remember where I have been in life and the others to remind me I have came a long way and 2 more to keep on pushing God whatever form you want but MY God Have All Mercy on my soul I have been through a few pits of hell and some of the darkest waters I really am a living testament to so many experiences that have literally took me OUT but I’m here to breathe another day some days are harder than others but until I take my last breath I will process all emotions in a healthy manner feel them and release them in the ultimate possible way because MY God got my back and the shield He gave me is made to withstand in any battle….

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