The second guess?

So for anybody new here that does not know I am a diagnosed Schiztophrenia bipolar manic Depressive Multi personalty patient yes you heard me correctly and I am pretty sure I have had enough time and therapy to know what my triggers are and how to deal but for a variety of reason outsiders tend to not quit understand the reason for me explaining to not fuck with me or just love me correctly not like as in I’m a danger or a overload of love

to all individuals around me and myself but I have so much control don’t push my buttons and not expect my meditation to fly completely out the fucking window I pray I Breath I meditate but by GOD after I discovered that humans beat everything but the disrespect in their face by another individual yet all my positive leaves when I feel my body get cold after that another person takes all light and even though I can see feel hear taste and witness I can no longer help you because its no longer me I can also say that growth is the shit because a lot i am currently going through would break some but that’s with mostly all my life experiences. I’m always 2 steps ahead of deceit my soul has always been good but during getting sober of Cocaine and Alcohol and detoxing from so many bad souls you would think I would know what that shit looks like but I guess not.

P.S ( To be in a situation that makes a individual feel low in any manner disrespect is never a answer physical emotional spiritual an eye for an eye is never the answer stay humble it does pay off let that individual due to all they want and don’t lose yourself )

I talk to myself and God because nobody around me can be trusted

sometimes just leave people alone if your intentions are not good

And in my situation my mind can be my enemy don’t judge what you can’t see yourself

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