The Bathroom

A lot of people ask me why I sit in the bathroom and my answer is always because I FUCKING LIKE IT THE BATHROOM HAS TAKING AND GIVIN ME LIFE (SAFE PLACE) IN ANY UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT …plus it’s just me!! Sometimes I turn the shower on so it’s my thoughts and me but I can’tContinue reading “The Bathroom”

The Healer needs to heal as well

Have you ever just didn’t know I mean just can’t figure out where to begin AT ALL maybe it’s just me but I already know it’s plenty of us weird thinking want to fix everything and everyone but DAMIT this place called Universe was here way before you was thought about being born young spiritualContinue reading “The Healer needs to heal as well”

Blissfully Ignorant

are we just mask the hard so KISS keep it simple stupid like my History teacher COACH SMITH because life only becomes hard when we stop trusting the highest stay focused love as THE HIGHER SPIRIT Loves